Bacon salad recipe variations - including bacon and cauliflower salad and more.

bacon salad recipe
Bacon can be a very popular ingredient in a number of salads. It adds flavour to mild ingredients, texture where an extra oomph may be needed, and it is a source of protein when often protein is missing. Remember that if you are dieting or watching your figure, grilled is preferable to fried!
Bacon combines extremely well with a number of ingredients typically including spinach, avocado, apple and egg. Spinach and avocado are mild in flavour and the bacon livens these two ingredients up, and who could possibly say that bacon does not combine well with egg?

Sometimes bacon is partnered with other strong flavours but complements the strong ingredient with its solid texture. This is the case for ingredients such as chicken liver, chicken or crab. Other combinations you may like to try are bacon with broccoli or cauliflower and bacon with potato or cheese.

Many of the above combinations could be made into a large salad and served as a main meal. This would be particularly effective in the summer months, for a refreshing lunch, or if you are pushed for time or dieting.

If you are worried that a plain salad may not fill you up or provide you with enough nutrients for a main meal, adding several rashers of bacon will provide essential proteins, calories and valued vitamins and nutrients.

Generally, when preparing bacon for a salad, the bacon is grilled, but it can also be dry-fried so that it crisps up just as well. The last thing you want in a bacon salad is bits of fried bacon dripping in a load of fat, although some richer-type salads may welcome those extra flavours.

Bacon salad recipe variations

Bacon and apple salad
This salad is an interesting mix of fruit, vegetables, meat and nuts. What more could you ask for on one plate!...
Bacon and cauliflower salad
The bacon and cauliflower in this salad compliment each other well and the raw cauliflower offers a fantastic texture. Ensure that the cauliflower is cut into very small pieces...
Bacon and chicken liver salad
This is a protein-rich hearty salad that is served warm, so perfect, as summer turns to autumn. The flavours are very strong, but you need to watch out for calories and fat her...
Bacon and wilted spinach salad
This salad for four people is fairly simple and quick to prepare. Spinach with bacon seems to be a very popular and interesting combination and the ingredients work well togeth...
Bacon, avocado and spinach salad
This recipe is quick to prepare and contains a good mixture of proteins, oils, vitamins and nutrients....
Bacon, egg and fried mushroom salad
This salad is a hearty meal in itself and the dressing brings together all of the flavours of the Mediterranean in one spoonful....
Egg and bacon salad
This salad consists of soft-boiled eggs, crispy bacon and fried croutons served on a bed of leaves, with a delicious dressing drizzled over the top. Although you may prefer gri...

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