Cheese salad recipe selection - including pear and Roquefort and hot goat's cheese salad.

cheese salad recipe
Thank heavens that someone invented cheese, such a versatile and delicious ingredient that provides us with the base to a huge range of dishes from all over the world. There are hundreds and hundreds of cheeses available in our supermarkets and delicatessens, therefore providing us with the potential to prepare just as many different salads!
Cheese comes in all shapes, flavours and textures and each type of cheese brings a different dimension to your favourite salad. You can even experiment with the same salad base and just add a different cheese each time. You will soon work out which flavours work well and which work the best.

Obviously, as with other types of salad, there are classic ingredients that go together, and the same goes for certain types of cheese. In most cases, a strong-tasting cheese, such as Roquefort or Stilton, is married with a mild-flavoured ingredient such as pear, spinach or walnuts. These combinations are absolutely divine, which is why salads with these combinations are often found on the menus of the best quality restaurants.

For those watching their weight or who are worried about the saturated fats contained within harder cured cheeses such as Cheddar, try a low-fat option like cottage cheese or goat's cheese, or lower in fat options of your favourite cheeses if they are available. The advantage of using a strong-flavoured cheese in your salad is that you won't have to use such a large quantity, and this will therefore reduce the calorie and fat intake from this type of food, allowing you to fully enjoy your favourite cheese salad without feeling guilty.

In our cheese salad section, we offer you some of our favourite recipes including a variety of the most mouth-watering and classic partnerships. Why not try out our recipe for pear and Roquefort salad, Gruyere, walnut and grape or spinach and feta cheese. Who says that salad is boring and unadventurous?

Cheese salad recipe variations

Cottage cheese, avocado and peach salad
This is an interesting fresh summer salad that contains all the taste of your favourite cheese yet with less than half the calories. This salad is ideal if you want to lose wei...
Gruyere, walnut and grape salad
This salad is of French origin and combines a light and refreshing mixture of salad leaves and grapes together with a classic combination of strong cheese and walnuts. To make ...
Hot goat's cheese salad
This is an excellent dish for a light lunch or supper. The cheese is grilled and served warm on a bed of salad leaves with roasted tomatoes, garlic and olive oil. There are a n...
Mozzarella and tomato salad
This salad is a popular choice in Italian restaurants and is delicious eaten with a little warm ciabatta or foccacia bread. This version of the Italian classic is slightly more...
Pear and Roquefort salad
Pear and Roquefort cheese is a classic combination, as the sweetness of the pears perfectly combine with the full flavour of the cheese. The texture and moisture of the pears t...
Spinach and feta cheese salad
This salad contains fresh peas removed from their pods mixed together with spinach and feta cheese. Although feta cheese is high in calcium and Vitamin A, it is also very high ...
Watercress salad with Stilton dressing
This is a simple green salad served with a dressing of Stilton cheese and mayonnaise. As with many of the salads that contain cheese, watch out for the calories and saturated f...

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