Grain salad recipe selection including such as rice and prawn and coconut couscous salad.

grain salad recipe
Grains, such as rice, couscous, barley and bulgur wheat are becoming more and more popular nowadays, as people are experimenting with different foods and looking for new recipes to try.
In our grain salad section we have included a number of recipes that contain bulgur wheat, couscous and other types of not-so-common grains, due to the fact that a larger amount of people now are looking to add new foods to their diets and find substitutes and additions to the commonly used pasta and rice.

As we are becoming more adventurous with our ingredients and experiment with new flavours, foods from other types of cuisine are finding their way into our shopping baskets and kitchen cupboards.

Couscous and bulgur wheat are staples in Middle Eastern cuisines like Moroccan and Turkish, and along with their wonderful use of herbs and spices, including mint, cumin and coriander, these combinations are quickly becoming favourites in our kitchens as well.

Grains are low in fat and high in carbohydrates that slowly release energy, allowing us to feel full for longer and maintain energy levels throughout the day. Our salads are excellent recipes for packed lunches to take to work, for a picnic or as part of a calorie-controlled diet for those wanting to lose weight.

There are so many exciting combinations in our salad recipes for grains including bulgur wheat and orange, coconut and couscous and cracked wheat, with fennel and garlic, and we think that you will enjoy the process of preparing these salads just as much as eating them afterwards.

The majority of our recipes can be eaten on their own and are suitable for vegetarians or vegans, but they can also be prepared to serve with a selection of cold meats, fish or spicy barbequed burgers!

Grain salad recipe variations

Bulgur wheat and orange salad
Try this salad with bulgur wheat for a refreshing change from the typical rice or pasta salads. The mint, almonds and oranges are excellent additions that give a vitalising fla...
Coconut couscous salad
This salad definitely has an Arabic feel to it, due to the combination of dried fruit, coconut, cinnamon and couscous. It is also high in carbohydrates and fibre and therefore ...
Cracked wheat and fennel salad
Easy to prepare and with an interesting mix of fennel, garlic and orange, this recipe must be tried out at home. The orange refreshes the dish whilst the pepper and green beans...
Fruity brown rice salad
Brown rice is excellent for releasing energy slowly, which means that it will keep you fuller for longer and maintain high energy levels for a substantial period of time withou...
Moroccan-style couscous salad
This is a delicious accompaniment to cold grilled or cured meats and can be served on the side. Alternatively, it can be served as a meal in itself, although you may want to ad...
Rice and prawn salad
This is excellent for a meal in itself, whether it's lunch or supper. Make sure that the rice is not overcooked and that the prawns are as fresh as possible. The fennel, black ...
Swiss cheese and cherry tomato salad
This salad is quick to prepare and can be eaten as a starter or main meal for lunch. You can take it to work to eat as a healthy option rather than fast food. It is packed full...

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