Green salad recipe collection such as orange and avocado and baby leaf salad.

green salad recipe
Salads, these days, can consist of almost any type of food, ranging from potatoes to pasta or fruit to fish. This recipe page focuses on plain old green salads or salads with mainly salad leaves as the main ingredient. The simple type of salad is just as tasty and nutritious as other types of salad that contain a thousand ingredients - most of the time, even more so!
The term green salad traditionally consists of green salad items, typically salad leaves, and includes lettuce as the main ingredient together with cucumber and spring onions.

Nowadays, there is a much larger variety of salad leaves that have become popular and include rocket, watercress, baby spinach and red chard. And where our salads traditionally used to consist of Iceberg lettuce on its own, we now include other varieties of lettuce such as Romaine, lamb's lettuce and frisée endive.

The great thing about green salads is that because they are plain, you can add the most amazing dressings with the most wonderful combination of interesting ingredients to liven them up and transform them into something spectacular. Not only this but green salads are extremely healthy and provide the body with essential and often lacking vitamins and nutrients. You can also add a good sprinkling of seeds and nuts for added protein, healthy fats and a different texture.

Our green salads make an exciting side dish and accompaniment to many fish or meat dishes or as a refreshing accompaniment to BBQ's in the summer, particularly when all the ingredients are extra fresh.

Take a look at our recipes and why not try mixing and matching the salads with the various salad dressings? Our favourite dressings include olive oil, red wine vinegar, brown sugar and mustard as ingredients. Try our recipes and you won't ever complain again that salads are boring!

Green salad recipe variations

Baby leaf salad
The salad leaves in this dish are accompanied by garlic, parsley and Parmesan croutons, whilst being drizzled with a dressing of oil, lemon juice and mustard....
Baby leaf salad with croutons and walnut oil dressing
This is a plain salad of baby green leaves and avocado that is livened up with wonderful flavourings from mustard, lemon juice and walnut oil. Croutons made from ciabatta bread...
Green leaves, seed and herb salad
This salad mixes leafy salad greens such as Cos lettuce, baby spinach, rocket, endive, watercress, lamb's lettuce and lollo biondo with fresh herbs such as parsley, chives, tar...
Green salad with blue cheese dressing
The dressing livens up the salad leaves - shame it's not blue though!...
Italian green salad with Mozzarella
This is mainly a green salad with a bit of white and red thrown in for good measure. It contains protein from the cheese and is also packed full of essential vitamins and miner...
Orange and avocado green salad
This salad contains a number of different types of green salad leaves. It is flavoured with oranges, lemons and mustard....
Simple green and red salad
This salad contains all of the basic salad ingredients such as lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, green pepper, onion and celery, which are covered in a tasty dressing made from vine...
Simple green salad
This salad is just what it says - a simple green salad....

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