Pasta salad recipe selection - including crab pasta salad and pasta Niçoise.

pasta salad recipe
Pasta salads are always popular whether they are served warm or cold. They are an excellent food to take to work or for picnics or days out where a packed lunch is needed.

Pasta salads are a favourite for the whole family and children in particular love the different shapes of pasta that are on offer in our supermarkets.
Pasta salads can be as healthy or unhealthy as you like, as it is not the pasta that is fattening, but the ingredients that you may choose to add to it.

Pasta comes in all shapes and sizes and we typically use pasta spirals, twirls, bows or shells in our pasta salads. Nowadays, pasta is even available in different colours where it has been tinted with vegetables such as spinach.

Pasta is an incredibly versatile food to which you can add almost any ingredient in order to create your own original pasta salad. In our recipes we include pasta with seafood, chicken, tuna or solely vegetables in order to show exactly how much you can do with pasta as an ingredient.

We have tried to include pasta salad recipes for all tastes that incorporate a wide variety of ingredients and flavours. Pasta often features a lot in Mediterranean cuisine and some of our recipes reflect that.

Salads made from pasta are generally very filling and so they can be eaten as a main meal or as a starter in smaller portions. Why not try our Mediterranean pasta salad recipe with grilled fish such as sea bass or sea bream, or our mushroom pasta salad with cold roast meats such as beef or chicken? For fish and seafood lovers, our crab pasta salad and our tuna and tomato pasta salad may be more to your taste.

Pasta salad recipe variations

Crab pasta salad
For a new idea on what to do with your leftover crabmeat, try this delicious pasta salad. The dressing is low fat, yet it is incredibly warm and spicy. The pasta is cooked, dra...
Italian-style tortelloni salad
This salad is a hearty and nutritious meal in itself and should be served as a main meal rather than as a starter. You can use any type of tortelloni, but we recommend spinach ...
Mediterranean pasta salad
Many people assume that pasta is fattening, yet it is usually the creamy sauces or dressings that contain all of the calories. This recipe for pasta salad contains all the best...
Mushroom pasta salad
This salad is very simple to prepare and is absolutely delicious. Sure to quickly become one of your favourites. Lightly fried sliced spring onions and mushrooms are mixed toge...
Pasta chicken salad
This salad is refreshing, sweet, herby, filling and very nutritious. Cooked pasta is dressed in olive oil and vinegar and allowed to cool. Sliced pieces of cooked chicken are a...
Pasta Nicoise
This salad is a take off from the classic salad Nicoise, but is much more substantial as it contains pasta, which is filling. Fresh tuna steaks are cooked under the grill, cut ...
Red pepper, broccoli and artichoke pasta salad
This pasta salad is full of healthy and nutritious ingredients that you wouldn't always necessarily think to use in a salad. The bright colours of the red pepper and broccoli e...
Tuna and tomato pasta salad
This salad is simple and quick to prepare, and therefore ideal if you are in a rush or only have a few basic ingredients in your refrigerator. Your choice of pasta shapes is co...

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