Popular salad recipe collection such as coleslaw, Caesar salad and Waldorf salad.

popular salad recipe
There are a number of salads that are well known all over the world and not just in the country where they were created.

These salads have become popular across the globe due to their perfect combination of vegetables, dressings and flavourings. Many of these salads are served as starters or accompaniments in restaurants in countries across the continents and have become favourites with many people.
Coleslaw and Russian salad are generally served as accompaniments to barbequed meats, burgers or fish dishes and are not really served as separate meals in themselves. They are, however, the perfect side dish to many other types of food and are usually always found to be served at parties, gatherings and picnics.

Caesar, Greek, Caprese, Nicoise and Waldorf salad are traditionally served as starters, although some of these are often eaten as main meals, especially by those watching their weight or dieting. All of these salads are complete meals, as they contain plenty of protein from ingredients such as nuts, eggs, tuna, anchovies and cheese.

Some of these popular salads, particularly those that contain mayonnaise, including coleslaw and coronation chicken, are high in saturated fats and contain a lot of calories, and these should be eaten in moderation. Remember that not all salads are low in fat!

Most are extremely easy to prepare and some require a small amount of cooking, such as boiling eggs or potatoes.

Our popular salad recipes are very varied and different from each other. We hope that you will give them all a try and that soon they will become some of your favourite dishes too.

Popular salad recipe variations

Caesar salad
Caesar salad was created in the 1920's during the Prohibition period in the U.S. According to some sources, the original recipe did not contain anchovies as it does today....
Caprese salad
This salad is more commonly referred to as tomato, mozzarella and basil salad. Large, juicy and flavoursome tomatoes ripened on the vine as ideal for this recipe, as is fresh M...
Coleslaw is typically a mixture of shredded cabbage and carrots dressed with mayonnaise. It is often served as a side salad to barbequed meat or as a topping for jacket potatoe...
Coronation chicken
This recipe was originally created in 1952 specifically to be served at Queen Elizabeth II's coronation party and banquet. It is not a salad in the traditional sense of the wor...
Greek salad
This typical Greek salad is usually an accompaniment to each meal. It generally consists of tomatoes, cucumber, olives and onion and is dressed in olive oil and herbs....
Nicoise salad
As with many classic recipes, there are always disagreements as to what the correct ingredients actually are. The following recipe is an example of one of the variations of thi...
Russian salad
This version of the traditional Russian salad is very popular all over Spain and is often served as a tapa or appetizer with fresh crusty bread....
Waldorf salad
This is a very simple and refreshing salad, dating back to 1893 and consisting of only apples, celery, walnuts and mayonnaise. Raisins are optional....

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