Potato salad recipe selection - recipes from around the world for how to make potato salad.

potato salad recipe
This page offers a number of recipes for potato salad from all over the world. There are many variations of the potato salad recipe, where some consist of just potatoes with a sprinkling of herbs, whilst in others the potatoes are mixed together with several other ingredients such as celery, tomato, carrot, cauliflower etc. Here are some of our favourite recipes for you to try.
Potato salad is a great comfort food and goes down a treat as an accompaniment to burgers grilled on an open fire, grilled fish or roast chicken. In fact, you can eat potato salad with just about anything! It can be served any time of the year, as potatoes are in season all year round, but particularly works well for summer picnics and barbeques.

Usually potato salad is made with mayonnaise, which is high in fat and loaded with calories. However, some recipes do not use mayonnaise and employ healthier options such as fromage frais, olive oil and vinegar, yoghurt or soured cream.

Potato salad is easy to prepare. The main problem may be either over-cooking or under-cooking the potatoes. Over-cooked potatoes will make the salad mushy, as the potatoes will disintegrate and fall apart, whilst uncooked potatoes will leave the potatoes hard and inedible.

The rest of the preparation involves chopping up vegetables and herbs and preparing the dressing. The majority of our potato salad recipes can be served both warm and freshly made, or they should be refrigerated and allowed to cool before serving cold.

Take a look at our selection of potato salads and choose the ones that best suit your tastes and preferences. If you are feeling particularly adventurous, why not try some recipes that you would not usually opt for and broaden your repertoire of foods?

Potato salad recipe variations

Italian potato salad
This potato salad is very simple to prepare. It is low in calories and is healthier for you, as the dressing consists of olive oil and vinegar as opposed to mayonnaise, which w...
Potato and beetroot salad
The beetroot gives this salad some colour, whilst also providing a tasty partner to go with the potatoes. The dressing is also hot and energising. The potatoes are cooked, cool...
Potato and dill salad
This recipe for potato salad is really quick and simple to prepare. There are only a few ingredients but each one is enhanced by the others. Dill is often used in fish recipes ...
Potato and spicy sausage salad
This recipe is a meal in itself in that it contains meat, potatoes and vegetables. You can use any type of Italian sausage for this salad, or even salami if you prefer. The bas...
Potato and sun-dried tomato salad
This potato salad has a Mediterranean feel to it due to the inclusion of the sun-dried tomatoes and the parsley. This recipe uses mayonnaise and natural yoghurt in equal quanti...
Potato and watercress salad
This salad is quick to prepare. The dressing is low fat and the salad is extremely nutritious and packed full of minerals and vitamins. The pumpkin seeds add an exciting chewy ...
Potato salad with tuna
This recipe is absolutely delicious and for lovers of tuna and sweetcorn mayonnaise and potato salad, this recipe combines the two. The salad contains a whole host of ingredien...
Potato, pea and walnut salad
This in an interesting recipe for a potato salad that as well as potatoes contains a variety of green vegetables, nuts and seeds. It is flavoured with mint which offers a refre...
Tarragon potato salad
This potato salad only contains a few ingredients but sometimes less is more! Baby new potatoes, washed and boiled in their skin are mixed together with diced onion and celery....


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