Vegetable salad recipe selection including beetroot and watercress and sweet pepper salad.

vegetable salad recipe

The following recipes contain only vegetables, fruit, nuts or seeds. This does not mean, however, that only vegetarians should eat them.
We have been extremely imaginative with our vegetable salad recipes and have come up with some highly creative dishes. Some of our recipes consist of one or two ingredients flavoured with herbs and spices and drizzled in a tasty dressing, whilst others contain numerous varied fruits and vegetables and other ingredients.

These salads, more than others, resemble an artist's palette as they are awash with colour and varied shapes and textures.

Many people would not always choose to eat fruit in a savoury dish and would reserve them solely for puddings, desserts and sweet recipes; however, many fruits are extremely complementary to certain vegetables, especially if these are acidic or strong-flavoured. Why not try out our popular cucumber and strawberry salad with balsamic dressing? This combination may seem a little strange but it is in fact extremely popular in other cuisines.

Our vegetable salads are very healthy and with most of them, you will be getting your recommended 5-a-day intake all in one go. Ideally, these salads should be served as starters or accompaniments to a meal of meat or fish.

Ensure that you make plenty of dressing to drizzle over the salads, as often, it is the dressing that makes the salad and not the content. A perfectly concocted dressing can really liven up and give added dimension to a plate of vegetables. One of our favourite salad dressings consists of olive oil, lemon juice, mustard, honey and parsley, as seen in our recipe for multi-coloured salad.

Vegetable salad recipe variations

Bean sprout, celery and apple salad
This salad is crisp and crunchy and goes well with a main meal of fish or poultry. To prevent the apples from discolouring, soak them in a little water acidulated with lemon ju...
Beetroot and spinach salad
Spinach and beetroot are another classic combination and the contrasting colours of the two vegetables ensure that this dish looks as well as tastes mouth-watering. It is best ...
Beetroot and watercress salad
This salad is a symphony of different colours, textures and tastes and it looks wonderful on a plate....
Chicory and grapefruit salad
Serve this as a starter at a dinner party and your guests will be impressed....
Cucumber and strawberry salad with balsamic dressing
You may think that the combination of strawberry, cucumber and vinegar is a little strange, yet strawberries and balsamic vinegar are actually a classic combination in Italian ...
Fennel and cucumber salad
This is a very light and refreshing salad. It can be served as an accompaniment to a light meal of hot or cold meat. Fennel is an acquired taste, but it goes ever so well with ...
Multi-coloured salad
This is a simple salad that can be served as a starter or an accompaniment to a main meal....
Panzanella salad
This salad recipe is based on a traditional dish from the Tuscany region in Italy. Baked ciabatta bread absorbs tomatoes, oil and vinegar and is flavoured with onion and garlic...
Sweet pepper salad
This is a popular traditional Italian recipe. It can be slightly tricky preparing it but as you will see, it is well worth the effort. This is a must for true pepper lovers!...


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