Temperature Chart - Fahrenheit Celsius Gas Mark conversions.

Often recipes use different units for temperatures. This section contains a temperature chart, which will make it easier for you to convert between the different temperature units.

As with weights and measurements, there are two scales for measuring temperature that are in use today. Some electric ovens are marked in Celsius whilst others are marked in Fahrenheit.

Recipes may give oven temperatures in one or both of these measurements. If only one temperature unit is given, it is possible to make a simple calculation in order to convert the unit into the one that is required for your recipe.
See the chart below for the most commonly used temperature units in cooking, or for more custom calculations use our temperature calculator below. For more information on the formulas used to convert between temperatures see our metric conversion page.

Gas ovens have gas mark readings, which also have equivalent measures on the Fahrenheit and Celsius (Centigrade) scales, and which are also outlined in the chart below.

Often recipes state that a dish should be placed in a cool, moderate or hot oven, which can also be confusing if we don't know which temperature these descriptions refer to.

Generally, a warm oven refers to Gas mark 3; a moderate oven, gas mark 4; a fairly hot oven, gas marks 5 - 6; a hot oven, gas mark 7; and a very hot oven is gas marks 8 - 9. (The equivalents in °C and °F can be seen in the table below)

Temperature converter

Enter the value (in numbers) you want to convert into the unit box and select the unit type.

Quick reference chart

Fahrenheit Celcius Gas Mark
250°F 120°C Gas Mark ½
275°F 135°C Gas Mark 1
300°F 149°C Gas Mark 2
325°F 162°C Gas Mark 3
350°F 176°C Gas Mark 4
375°F 190°C Gas Mark 5
400°F 204°C Gas Mark 6
425°F 218°C Gas Mark 7
450°F 232°C Gas Mark 8
475°F 246°C Gas Mark 9
500°F 260°C Gas Mark 10
Notes about this chart.
These calculations are rounded up or down to the nearest unit and relate to common temperatures given in recipe instructions.

To convert, find the temperature you have been given in the recipe and then simply look at the corresponding temperature in your required unit.

For more precise or different calculations, we have a temperature calculator above. It can convert any value between Fahrenheit, Celsius and Gas mark, for the actual formulas you will find a link at the top-left of this page.

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